For many today the dream of home ownership has morphed into a nightmare, in most instances through no fault of their own. Unemployment or underemployment, increasing mortgage payments resulting from adjustable loans, and unmanageable debt have left families with few financial options.

Having more bills than they can pay, credit card payments, car payments, and mortgage payments begin to slide. Default appears on the horizon and approaches. Soon a note is taped to the front door... the trustee for the mortgage lender announcing that the family's home will be sold at public auction within 90 days.

Panic. Brain freeze. How could this happen? What can we do now? Few have ever encountered such a devastating event as a home foreclosure. Most simply have no idea what to do.

Fortunately for homeowners in Arizona, a path out of this nightmare has been prepared:

                                      THE MORTGAGE FORGIVENESS PLAN

It is Arizona's foreclosure alternative. But few even know the Plan exists, much less what are its benefits and how to take advantage of it in order to avoid public foreclosure.

Phoenix Home Listers presents to homeowners how the Plan works, its benefits, its requirements, and the likely outcome of its various options. What's more, it even offers from $10,000 up to $14,500 in cash payments to qualifying homeowners who cannot retain their home and must transition to a new living situation.